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Six Things You Can Do To Quit Clicking On Self-Doubt Shares

It can be hard resisting the self-doubt posts; they call out to you as you scroll down your social media. Those relatable pictures and keywords have their effects. It doesn’t matter your age or gender, […]

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Reprogram The Robot Living Inside You

We all have a robot living inside of us, so to speak. It’s programmed to do the same things every day. Some of those things―like going to the bathroom and breathing―are a given, but what about […]


I read The WAR of ART by author, Steven Pressfield, and he says, “Resistance” plays a huge role in our everyday. It’s the shadow that hovers over our shoulder telling us, we’re not worth our own effort. I […]

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SMALL ACTION - BIG IMPACT | You Can Make A Difference

“I was the basest of readers. All I wanted was my own world, and myself in it,
given back to me in artful shapes and accessible form.” ―Ian McEwan