I offer hands-on publishing experience, including, editing, layout & design, creative writing, website design, and much more. For information about my services, please click here

In 2008, I published ArtSync Magazine, a grassroots publication focused on the North Carolina Arts. The Magazine was directed toward artists of all types and skill levels, art lovers, and those with a casual interest in the arts throughout the world.  

Beyond publishing, I enjoy working one-on-one with children, teaching the fundamentals of art, and most importantly, creating a whimsical space to explore, thus helping to grow a child's imagination. Check out the Christinica Designs Coloring Books designed for all ages. 

My first love: creating fantasy pieces for my imaginary world, the Land Of Christinica, which you can see a selection of assorted pieces here.

Over the years, I've become very involved in areas relating to physical health, spiritual growth, and environmental issues. These are important topics to me, and they are a common theme throughout this website. 

“I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” ―Noël Coward