Spiritual Wellness


I read The WAR of ART by author, Steven Pressfield, and he says, “Resistance” plays a huge role in our everyday. It's the shadow that hovers over our shoulder telling us, we're not worth our own effort. I also read, the bigger the positive life-change, the heavier the "Resistance" weighs on us. That made so much sense to me. It’s depleting to see your dreams and positive life-changes just ahead, and feel like you're helpless; stuck in the now, the yesterdays, and even the scheduled tomorrows. But if you can give the heaviness a name, you can face it...plow right through it. Simple enough, right? Maybe not.

Many of us get caught up in what we think we should be doing. Stuck in a pattern we designed, leaving uncertainty and fear in its wake, a repeat of everyday. How utterly miserable sometimes. For the most part, it seems normal, though. We learn to tolerate the mundane and uninspired, and for some of us, it's way worse. The bottom line: We allow ourselves to be treated poorly. We get comfortable with our boring careers. We think about what could go wrong, always worried about risk. We settle. It's all relative...right? And of course, there are people walking around truly enlightened and happy in their bubble. What do they have that we don't? Ah, and the resentment sets in; those people have more and how unfair. But is it? Maybe the questions we should be asking are, "How did I get here, and what can I do differently?"

We all know the positive pep-talks given by our family members, teachers and friends. The same talks passed down and recycled from one person to the next. "You can do it!" Some of it is worthwhile, so we keep the parts we want and store the words for later. And maybe we draw from those past voices in a time of crisis, but most of the time, we walk around like we have it all figured out. "I'm fine," is something we've all said. If we say it enough or hear it enough, we might start to believe it.

I certainly don't hold the answers, but what I do hold is my day-to-day, and how I choose to get through it. Holding ourselves accountable for our actions and lack thereof is the first step to understanding what we need. Going back to that inner-child and asking some questions could kick-off some big changes. Naming our biggest obstacle gives us a target, a landing place. "Resistance," life's secret plot to screw us. Are you going to stand there and take that?

Be inspired, be open...you don't need permission.

To understand more about "Resistance" and how to shut it down, please read The WAR of ART  by author Steven Pressfield

photo by Christine Snider